Emergency Landing Causes A Security Scare at Los Angeles County, California

California deputies responded to an emergency landing of a small plane in what appeared to be a huge security scare. The pane reportedly made a landing in a warehouse parking lot and the pilot was immediately arrested on suspicion of being drunk.

According to Lt. Alex Villaneuva of the Los Angeles County Sheriff, the single-engine piper Cherokee is reported to have clipped a stop sign but then went ahead to stay upright even after making a landing in the empty lot late yesterday [Monday, 3, 2017].

It was while the deputies talked to the pilot in a bid to try and unravel the possible causes of the emergency landing that they suspected he may have been flying the plane while intoxicated. The officers then moved to arrest the man who was identified as Darrell Roberts. It was also established that Roberts was the only person on board so fears of possible human injuries or fatalities were immediately allayed.

The 58-year old may be facing a misdemeanor DUI charge and as at the time of his arrest, it was not immediately clear if he had an attorney as he has been reported to be rather ‘economical with words’. Villanueva goes on to say the pilot may have become disoriented and ran out of fuel during a scheduled flight from Temecula that is located about 60 miles south of San Diego. Having lost his bearing, he was made to fly 70 miles north of where the plane took off. For the pilot, it may be a mixed reaction as he may not know whether to celebrate for having been located upon losing direction or to agonize over the fact he may face charges and a possible image and reputation crisis. The story is still a developing one and it may not be long before we hear from the authorities on the plight of the 58-year old.

Manaswini Ashok

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